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Submit your poster for the Community Bulletin Board! 

We're grateful to our friends at FAIM for maintaining the community feature. 

Complete the fields below and attach a high quality PDF of your design. To accommodate as many posters as possible, the maximum size allowed is 8.5" x 11".

Please note: FAIM hangs all posters on Mondays. Submit your design at least 5 days prior to ensure it gets posted. 

Posters may be removed for the following reasons: 
  • Your event date has passed
  • The poster has been up for three weeks
  • The poster is damaged
  • Space is required for new posters on the board

If your poster has been removed but the information is still current, you may re-submit it to be hung again using this form. 

Poster Approval

The Community Bulletin Board is a space for promotional posters for free community and non-profit events. 

  • Garage sales
  • Markets
  • Entertainment 
  • Community Group registrations
  • Volunteer opportunities
Posters may be denied if they contain: 
  • Political content
  • Graphic or violent images
  • Inappropriate language
  • Content that persecutes a group of people based on protected characteristics
  • Advertising for a for-profit business

Approved posters will be stamped with "approved" and the date before they are displayed. 

The Town of Strathmore reserves the right to deny or remove any poster from the bulletin board at any time for any reason. 

Please use the checkbox to indicate you've read the above.

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