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Strathmore firefighter recruiting paid-on-call volunteers

Thank you for your interest in becoming a paid-on-call volunteer member of the Strathmore Fire Department. We're committed to recruiting talented and motivated individuals, who possess a high level of integrity, and have a desire to serve our community.

Did you know that four out of five firefighters are paid-on-call volunteers? We're looking for more just like you. Paid-on-call volunteer firefighters are members of our team who play a key role in the delivery of fire services to Strathmore. Not only do our paid-on-call volunteers work alongside our career firefighters at major incidents, paid-on-call volunteers often respond independently to simultaneous calls for service. Paid-on-call volunteer firefighters respond to fires, rescues, medical aid, hazardous materials, and a host of other calls to aid the public.

What's in it for you?

Aside from helping to protect your community, paid-on-call volunteer firefighters are compensated an hourly wage for all response hours, training sessions, as well as all other approved activities. Some selected training courses are also paid. Plus, volunteer firefighters are eligible to claim a $3,000 CRA tax credit. Oh, and yes, you get to ride in the truck.

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